About Us
Project Ballyhoo LLC is a digital marketing company. The company was created on March 10th 2018. The definition of ballyhoo according to Merriam-Webster is a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk, and a sensational promotion or publicity. It’s the goal of Project Ballyhoo to help their clients grow their business by acquiring warm leads via social media. Furthermore, it’s Project Ballyhoo’s mission to help their clients to stand out and be different.

Who is Michael Curley?
Mike is a certified PC technician turned business owner / digital marketing consultant. He is the owner of Project Ballyhoo. He is very committed to ensuring that the client is getting the most value out of their dollar. Communication is also very important. Mike does his best to make myself available to address any questions, comments, and or concerns.

What we do.
We help brick and mortar businesses get leads using Facebook Ads. We create the ad campaigns and optimize the campaigns to make sure the client gets the best ROI for every advertising dollars they spend. We also help clients find their ideal customers and create highly targeted sales funnels. We provide email list management services and social media management services.
Why you should care.
Using the Facebooks Ads platform is the best way to get a very good return on your advertising budget. Various business in a myriad of niches has been very successful profiting by using the platform. The reason for that is because Facebook ads allow you to target your ideal customer. Facebook Ads is really one of the best tools a business can use in order to grow and profit quickly.

How we can help you.

If you decide that Project Ballyhoo is a good fit for your business, we will help you find your target audience and build an irresistible sales funnels for that specific group. We’ll also work to reduce your ad cost while at the same increasing the number of leads you get for your business.